Preview of the new album

The new album with Incognito is out soon. Here is a sneak preview of it, starting with one of the two songs that Stuart Zender worked on together with Incognito.

Official video is out

The offical video for Zak Abel & Stuart Zenders new song "Everybody needs love" is up on youtube now. Check it out!

Everybody Needs Love

A new single has been released by Zak Abel. Stuart Zender produced this song and is playing bass and drums on it too.

ZENDERTAPES #2 - Morning Glory

It is time to release another song from the studio session recordings taken during the recording of Jamiroquais second album.

Ask Stuart #1

We have seen that you asked a lot of questions to Stuart in various comments on social media. But you want answers too right? So here is a chance to ask a question and get it answered by Stuart.

Zendertapes #1 - Scam

Finally it is time to release some studio session recordings taken during the recording of Jamiroquais second album. First song we decided to put up is a different funky version of Scam together with some words from Stuart.

Slapping on Zingzillas

You have probably seen Stuart Zender as a guest artist in the Zingzillas show. But have you seen this video of Stuart slapping by himself in the jungle?

In writing session with Incognito

Stuart is in Studio together with Bluey from Incognito to write some new stuff. It is not the first time Stuart has been working with Incognito. We did a small interview with Stu about this.

Interview from Brazil with Stuart Zender

When Stuart was in Brazil to work with Jota Quest, he made an interview with Cifra club. Dont worry if you don't know any portuguese, as Stuart answers in English.