Great news from Japan

Incognito has already released their latest albums in Japan and as we have told before, Stuart Zender has worked on two of the songs from that album and now one of them got number one in Japan.

Incognito released their new album called In Search Of Better Days in Japan, and it is doing really goood. Especially the song Love born in flames that Stuart Zender wrote together with Bluey from Incognito. Here is what Stuart has to say about it:

"I wrote this song four years ago. Bluey heard it at the studio and was like "Yeah man... Let's have that" Bluey wrote the words and melody and I wrote all the music".

In Search Of Better Days has been played in a lot in both local and national radiostations around in Japan. And the album got number 1 in iTunes  as the best selling R&B Soul album right now. The album is also number 1 best seller in the category R&B Soul on Amazon japan.

Except for the song In Search Of Better Days, Stuart was also involved in the song Echoes of Utopia. Stuart tells us more:

"The second track is a Bluey conducted jam we had... I'm so happy to have all this happening now. When stuff sits in your computer for ages and then finally sees the light of day..."

A video for Love born in flames that featured Stuart has also been shot couple of days ago. And as soon as it is released we will post it here.

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