Amp Fiddler & Stuart Zender in Serbia

More info about the festival here:

In memory of Toby Smith

Some really sad news reached us earlier this week...

Stuart Zender on Röyksopp Remix

A new remix of Röyksopps song Never ever is released and features Stuart on Bass and Drums. Listen to it here.

New interview from Warwick Basscamp

Stuart Zender visited Warwick BassCamp 2016 at Framus & Warwicks headquarters earlier this year.

Funk Face from Ashdown

A new signature product from Stuart will soon see the daylight. This time it is a Stuart Zender signature pedal from Ashdown. Check out a teaser video.

Love in Korea

Stuart Zender has been travelling a lot to Korea this year. What has he been up to there? Well, one of the things is a new song with The Barberettes.

Get the new album

The new Incognito album featuring Stuart Zender is out now and you can buy it on iTunes.

Great news from Japan

Incognito has already released their latest albums in Japan and as we have told before, Stuart Zender has worked on two of the songs from that album and now one of them got number one in Japan.

Preview of the new album

The new album with Incognito is out soon. Here is a sneak preview of it, starting with one of the two songs that Stuart Zender worked on together with Incognito.

Official video is out

The offical video for Zak Abel & Stuart Zenders new song "Everybody needs love" is up on youtube now. Check it out!