Albums listed in order of release (newest at the top).

Jota Quest - Pancadelico | 2016
Mares do Sul (feat. Stuart Zender)

Incognito – Transatlantic RPM | 2010

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL. – Record Collection | 2010

Sean Lennon – Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Undead | 2009

Leon Jean-Marie – Bent Out of Shape | 2008

Don-E – Natural | 2008
Don-E’s latest offering contains the only officially released version of the AZUR track ‘So Cold’ – Fully mastered, featuring D’Angelo. SZ credit for playing drums, guitar and bass.

Adele – 19 | 2008
This debut album from Adele features SZ playing bass on one track, titled “Cold Shoulder”.

Mark Ronson – Verison | 2007
SZ’s latest dep role sees him contributing his bass playing to two tracks found on the album ‘Version’. Credits appear for both tracks ‘Stop Me’ and ‘Apply Some Pressure’. SZ is also thanked for his contributions in the linear notes.

Jamiroquai – High Times (the singles) | 2006
This ‘best of’ selection features serveral tracks featuring Stuart on bass from Jamiroquai singles since 1992. Stu is also credited as writer for some tracks and mentioned in the linear notes.

Swatch Together – Various Artists | 2003
Features a track named ‘Look Into Yourself’ by Global Soul (Seiji Remix).

Seiji Remixes – Various Artists | 2002
Information to follow…

Spacemonkeyz vs. Gorillaz – Laika Come Home | 2002
At the main core of the Spacemonkeyz is Gorillaz DJ Darren Gallea (aka DJ D-Zire – formerly of Jamiroquai). SZ is featured keeping it low on a couple of the albums tracks.

All Saints – All Hits | 2001
This album features the tracks ‘I Feel You’ and ‘Twenty Four Seven’.

Pure R&B – Volume 1 | 2000
This compilation album features the Omar track ‘Something Real’. See Omar ‘Best by Far’ for more information.

Honest – Music from the Film | 2000
This compilation album features a version of the Stevie Wonder song ‘My Cherie Amour’ by Melanie Blatt. The film ‘Honest’ featured the girls from the All Saints in acting roles, and this cd features tracks from that film and songs inspired by it. Melanie’s version of the track was produced by Stu.

All Saints – Saints and Sinners | 2000
Stuart is credited for co-writing and producing the track ‘I Feel You’ alongside then partner, Melanie Blatt [Zenza Productions Ltd.]. This is as well as playing Bass, Keyboard, Percussion, Strings and involvement in Programming.

Charlie Watts – Jim Keltner Project | 2000
This is a special edition 2cd set of the Charlie Watts ‘Jim Keltner Project’. The 2nd cd features the tracks remixed by different artists. Stu features as bassist on the Eat Static remix of the track ‘Airto’. The bass line features the use of distortion, similar to that of ‘Deeper Underground’ as well as some very tasty playing and harmonics.

Artful Dodger – It’s all about the Stragglers | 2000
In 2001 the Artful Dodger cut the track ‘Twenty Four Seven’ with Melanie Blatt featuring on vocals. As well as the single release of this track, Stuart also has credit in the albums for arranging the vocals in the middle 8 section of the track. The album was re-released in 2001 on Warner records.

Omar – Best by Far | 2000
The release of ‘Best By Far’, featuring Zender playing Bass alongside longtime session favourite Jeremy Meehan, was a hit for the soulful Brit R&B star Omar. Stuart was also credited as playing Electric Guitar, Percussion and Keyboards, as well as being actively involved in the producing of the record itself. [Zenza Productions Ltd].

Now Dance 98 – Various Artists | 1998
This dance compilation CD from 1998 lists the All Saints track ‘Lady Marmalade’ on disc 1. The credits in the CD list SZ as playing bass on the track.

Mica Paris – Black Angel | 1998
The second album that Stuart worked on in 1998 was Mica Paris’s ‘Black Angel’, apprearing playing Bass on the track ‘Hate to Love’. Although Stuart’s involvement in the album was minimal, it’s possible that he may have recorded more tracks that were never included on the album.

Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of… | 1998
In 1998 Stuart worked with U.S Hip Hop/R&B Artist Lauryn Hill. Stuart played on the intro song and the track ‘Final Hour’. It may have been possible that Stuart cut more tracks with Lauryn, but they were never released, as the percentage of tracks were taken up by session player Matthew Rubano. SZ’s name is spelt ‘Stewart Zender’ in the album credits.

Live from 6A – Late Night with Conan O’Brien | 1997
Back in September 1997, Jamiroquai were featured playing alongside the likes of David Bowie, 311 and Cake with ‘When You Gonna Learn’ on the U.S NBC Production of ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ compilation C.D.

Jamiroquai – Travelling Without Moving | 1996
‘TWM’ was the album that would be Stuart’s last with Jamiroquai. Whilst Jay Kay basked in the glory of yet another superb album, not everything was going as well as it seemed within the band. SZ announced that he was to leave Jamiroquai due to the pending arrival of his new daughter in 1998.

Guru – Jazzmatazz Volume II (The New Reality) | 1995
In 1995, Stuart, Jay Kay, Darren Galea and Wallis Buchanan cut a track with hip hop-jazz fusionist Guru, and were featured on his second album. Guru is well known for guest featuring on many R&B artists material such as Craig David, Angie Stone and even Chaka Khan, so for Stuart to be propelled into the limelight with such an artist was quite an achievement.

Jamiroquai – The Return of the Space Cowboy | 1994
‘TROTSC’ was the album that introduced us to Derrick McKenzie, who replaced Nick Van Gelder on drums (Stu commented that his song writing relationship with Derrick vastly improved his view on his position in the band). SZ’s involvement had become influential, with key input on the tracks ‘Mr Moon’, ‘Space Cowboy’ and ‘Manifest Destiny’.

Jamiroquai – Emergency on Planet Earth | 1993
The album that sparked both Jamiroquai and SZ’s career. The youthful Stuart had managed to earn himself some serious credit and interest with his involvement and bass playing. When he admitted he’d only been playing bass for two years before the album was released, the sound of jaws dropping was no doubt audible. He became a bass icon practically overnight.

Thanks to Simon Merrick who compiled this list.